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Sunday, January 21, 2018

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Men on Fire Gospel Music Television Program Is on the Move around the World.

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Men on Fire & Gospel Music Hour 2017

 Men on Fire & Gospel Music Hour is a nonprofit organization.  Special announcement    our gospel music hour program is showing in 82 countries. Taiwan, Kenya, China, Newfoundland, Finland, Belgium, France, Australia, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, Mexico and many others.We give all the glory to God. I personally want to thank the television stations all over the world that play our program , it's certainly been quite an experience and I praise God for that opportunity. We have grown tremendously in the last 7 years and would like to start off by thanking the 40 public access stations and private stations in Maine that carry our program weekly. Also I would like to thank the 50 television stations out side of the state of Maine now playing our Men on Fire Gospel Music Hour. I would like to thank Chrissie Stapler from New Zealand at Tararua TTV television they are playing our program two times each week, what a blessing. I also would like to thank Monrovia, Liberia West Africa, Calvary Revival Church Pastor James Singbeh, for starting our Men on Fire Encouragement Ministry for Men organization in Liberia West Africa also VPN television station in Tyler Texas for putting us on their station and the All Nation Television Network. God has truly blessed Men on Fire & Men on Fire Gospel Music Hour. We will be praying for all of our television stations that they know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and that God blesses them tremendously. Yours truly Rev. Rick & Carole Kimball and Ingrid Small. Remember,  everything we do is for the kingdom of God.    Jesus loves you, we are never without hope. 

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     Hello my name is Jim Gordon, I was invited to my first Men on Fire breakfast and conference several years ago. I didn't know what to expect, I was introduced to many men from different churches all over the state of Maine and made many new friendships. I want to praise the Lord my savior for leading me to Men on Fire many years ago. It's a encouragement ministry for men of all ages, especially the youth. What touches my heart is hearing the testimonials of men and how Men on Fire has encouraged them to be better husbands and fathers. I truly enjoyed the Fellowship of meeting somebody new each time and having the opportunity to pray for them. For all of us go through many trying things in our walk with the Lord. We find encouragement as we share and talk to our brothers in Christ. We pray together share together, we bear one another's burdens as brothers in Christ. And we share a meal together and the table discussions are awesome they really touched my heart deeply. I enjoy the worship as we worship together as brothers in Christ you can feel the awesome love of the Lord explode in all of us. My prayer is for the fire to spread all over the state of Maine and all over New England opening many new chapters of Men on Fire. I believe as we come together and pray in unity we will see the vision of the Lord come to pass.   Jim Gordon,  Lisbon, Maine.

      My name is Pastor William J. Gorman Jr. and I would like to take this time to share my heart about all the good things that Men on Fire has done for my church and myself. They stand in the gap for all those they come in contact with. Both ministries work hand-in-hand in the power of the Holy Spirit as God leads them.
   I am a pastor of a church in Skowhegan, Maine known as Skowhegan Gospel Tabernacle.
   Rev. Rick Kimball and the Men on Fire come to our church to visit us. They come in the power of the Holy Spirit to lift up and encourage and strengthen the men of our church and community. These great men of God know how to pray and how to build great men of God to work for the kingdom of God. They instill the word of God into the men at our church. What a wonderful change we have seen in these men as the power of God rises up in them. Changing them to be conquerors in the power of Jesus name.
   I, as a pastor, recommend that every church have them come and minister to their men and see the power of God work in all the lives that will receive and grow.
   We at the Skowhegan Gospel Tabernacle heat our church with oil and wood. The Men on Fire come to churches to help lighten the load with their support and with a heart to work for the kingdom of God. They went into the woods with me and a skidder and helped me twitch out enough wood for my home, church and to help a family in need of winter wood. They didn't stop there. They continued to help by cutting it up, hauling it to where it needed to go, splitting it, and got it in the basement undercover. There was about 30 cord of wood worked up for the kingdom of God. The Men on Fire believe in finishing the work that they do, be it spiritual or physical. All the men who work with them felt the love and compassion of Jesus. It was a great testimonial in our area as the towns people saw this great task of being conquered by these men of God.
   The church needs to have groups like Rev. Rick and his men who are set on fire through the ministry which they bring to churches. Please invite them to come to your church and see the transformation as the power of God works through them to encourage, bring together and establish your men's group. Your church will become stronger as men rise up to fight the good fight of faith.
   I encourage you pastors to call Rev. Rick Kimball and make an appointment today to have them come and minister where you need them. Your men's group will be changed by the power that will be released unto them. Yours in Christ, Pastor W.J. Gorman Jr. Skowhegan Gospel Tabernacle.  Skowhegan, Maine.

   Pastor John Small,Having worked in Christian ministry for 30 years, I had to retire due to illness. After having a 5-way heart bi-pass last year, I once again felt that I could minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Men on Fire has given me the “spark” I needed to “get on fire” once again and begin working in ministry. Rather than planting churches throughout New England, this time the Lord has led me to help plant men, and to be a servant working with Rev. Rick Kimball and the men involved with Men on Fire - helping and supporting men to be all they can be in the Lord.”

Dear friends and fellow Pastors, with great sorrow in my heart and great joy for my brother in Christ.  I make this announcement.   Pastor John Small went home to be with Lord.  Sunday December 4, 2011.  While John rejoices in heaven on December 4, 2011 his wife Ingrid and their family will be praising God and lifting up the kingdom of heaven, as John would want them to do. Please keep the family up in prayer.


Pastor John Small of Norway, Maine.

" I am a Catholic whose heart was opened to all my brothers and sisters in Christ after being baptized in the Holy Spirit 21 years ago. I was involved in lay ministry, but after 12 years I became very discouraged. I asked God to guide me to someone who could help me. He guided me to Rick Kimball and a ministry called Men-on-Fire. Rev. Rick invited me to a conference, and during that time I was given the encouragement I needed to stand up in the Lord again. I am growing and being guided back into the ministry. I feel alive again and I praise God for his faithfullness and guidence. Thank you Rev.Rick for being an obedient Servant. Praise God for Men-on-Fire and the encouragement it gave me to continue my awesome walk with the Lord."

Dana Lagassie of Vassalboro,Maine

I have been an avid church going catholic most of my life, yet at another low time in my life it just was not enough. A friend asked me to go to a meeting with him one night for Men-On-Fire, and not thinking anything I accepted. If I only would have known how much it would have impacted my life, I would have gone sooner. The work that God is doing through these people is amazing and has totally given me new life, I now share a much closer bond with Jesus,as I walk through this one life with Him.

Peter Rocque  of  China, Maine

     What I like about Men on Fire and how Men on Fire  
has helped me. 

    I have been involved in Men-on-Fire for some time now, and I believe this is an encouragement ministry for men which is ordained of God.
   At the meetings, there is Christian love for all men as brothers in Christ. No one is ridiculed or condemmed,but all are encouraged to become better husbands, sons,brothers fathers, and citizens, etc. Real men are free to talk about real issues that
concern them. Jesus Christ is uplifted as our Savior and is our example in all things. The men pray for one another and lift one another up seeking God's guidance. The men who attend the meetings leave knowing that God is their answer no matter what their concern or problem, and that God will never forsake them no matter where they are in life because Jesus is the One able to supply all their needs.

     For those who wish to support Men-on-Fire as God directs them, they will receive a rich blessing because they will be partaking in a Mission from God to help their fellow brothers become better men in the Lord.    Buzz Has Gone Home To Be With The Lord.  He Loved Men on Fire And We Loved Him. Thank You Jesus,  Rev. Rick

"Buzz" Libby   Norway, Maine










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